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NEWS: Alashas' Daughter, the sequel to Property Rites, is published in November 2009.

Published Erotic Fiction


Alasha's Daughter
Property Rites II

Even the noblest of families can have a shameful secret in its past.

With Lord Aric and Lady Alasha drawn away from Malkenstorm Castle by the plots of their enemies, their daughter Quirabel finds herself alone and facing implacable foes, both within her walls and without. Her only advantage is a secret map; her only allies, a serving girl and a prisoner from the castle's dungeon. And the only way she can save herself, is to enslave herself.

But can she honour her promise to the wolfskin-cloaked warrior who claims her? And will he keep the promises he's made in turn?

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Alasha's Daughter: Property Rites II (Cover Image)

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Spike Trap: Hell in High Heels (Cover Image)

Spike Trap
Hell in High Heels

Han Li Thorn has the ability to present the conflicting desires of a woman for submission and rebellion, and he sates them both with doses of domination and victory ... I especially liked how he is able to bring out the masterful and forceful aspects of the normally gentle and quiet Charlie - just the kind of strong-but-loving man that a lot of us like to read about. I hope Han Li Thorn's writes more erotica - soon! -- Casey, reviewer

This one is amazing. I've never read better language, more delicate, sexual, erotic descriptions of the female form and emotional state, and a stronger reason to be the good guy-you never know what rewards it may bring. There is power in Han Li Thorn's writing -- David Berlin, reviewer

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Property Rites
A Deed of Enslavement

A compelling novel that spans a young noble woman's fall from gentry to slave, innocent to sexual being. Her thoughts and feelings about everything are laid open and displayed for us. From the crack of the whip to the desire to be used, her thoughts are realistic and entertaining all at the same time. The battle she fights within herself rings wonderfully true to human nature. The descriptions and scenes are very detailed and wonderfully written. This novel is very graphic in places and may be to too extreme for some readers, but had me just enthralled -- Leyna, Fallen Angels Reviews

More than once I had to *ahem* take a break from reading -- J R Uder, reviewer

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Property Rites: A Deed of Enslavement (Cover Image)

Rough Copy: Story of a Bootlegged Slavegirl (Cover Image)


Rough Copy

The author has created some interesting characters and placed them in a situation that allows plenty of opportunities for a wide variety of sex and submission. I would have liked more of both, but I feel the author did a good job of mixing BSDM with story development. I'd like to see more stories with the same characters and I'd also like to see more stories in the same setting with different characters. This author is now on my short buy every story list -- Dorsai6, Ebookad reviewer.

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Erotic Storytelling: Conflicting Desires (Notes on the Craft of Writing Erotic Stories)

A logical development (and massive expansion and re-write) of Han Li Thorn's Erotic Fiction 101 series of articles, Conflicting Desires will take you on a journey to the heart of powerful, character-driven, conflict-laden erotic storytelling.

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Conflicting Desires: Notes on the Craft of Writing Erotic Stories (Cover Image)

Erotic Fiction 101

Erotic Fiction 101 is occasional series of articles by Han Li Thorn on the art and craft of creating well-written character- and plot-driven erotic stories that engage the reader as well as the libido. If you're into this series, be sure to check out Conflicting Desires and the erotic writing blog as well.

Article 1: So, What is Erotica?
Article 2: You Called it a What?
Article 3: Point-of-View: Giving Good Head
Article 4: Keeping the Story Taut (as well as the bodies)

Free Erotic Stories

Both the Property Rites and Spike Trap links above will take you to substantial free samples (at least one complete chapter in each case).

Below, you'll find some complete short erotic stories, which you're welcome to read for free. The first, Jack and the Box, is a recent piece of erotic flash fiction. The last two, Fair Maiden, Dark Knight and La Maitresse de la Nuit, date from several years ago and represent Han Li Thorn's earliest forays into the world of erotic writing.

Some additional stories and poems are hosted on the repository: check it out.

Jack and the Box

The stockings trembled, then tautened and swelled like a sail responding to unfelt zephyrs, like gossamer stretched over a lithe-limbed void. And there she was, sitting on the countertop, wearing the stockings and a smile. Jack reeled from a full measure of the girl-scent he'd noticed before.

Fair Maiden, Dark Knight

“Why have you brought me here?” she asked after a while.
“To free you from what you were. To save you from what you would have become. To give you what you need.”

La Maitresse de la Nuit


Another cigarette had appeared in her mouth, without me noticing her take it from the case. She seemed absolutely confident that it would be lit for her, and of course, it was. I almost thought that if I'd been any slower with my lighter, it would have ignited spontaneously rather than leave her to light it herself.

About Han Li Thorn

Han Li Thorn's erotic stories specialise in the joys of erotic power exchange: domination, submission, and self-discovery. Unlike much writing designed to arouse, Han Li Thorn's erotic fiction includes characters you can care for and plots that might just tempt you to stay for the end - and not just the climax! Even where dark, humiliating or painful events are portrayed, the tone generally remains sympathetic and the characters - particularly the viewpoint characters, with whom the reader is implicitly invited to identify - are presented as human beings, and worthy of respect.

Han Li Thorn lives in a remote part of Carmarthenshire, in the ancient country of Wales which is part of the modern United Kingdom.

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